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Hi, I'm Rob. (He/Him)


I'm a Pittsburgh-based, International Coaching Federation Credentialed Life Coach, and I'm here to inspire you to realize — to come to an awareness of and to fulfill — your potential.

After I'd spent over a decade pursuing a career path I thought I should want, I began to feel a voice inside...a sense I wasn’t doing all I was meant to be doing.


The voice got louder. I began to journal about the things that energized me and the things that zapped my energy.


After a rich journey of self-discovery, I realized the things I'd been able to do throughout my career—being present, listening deeply, and asking powerful questions — were helping people move themselves forward in unimaginable ways.


Author Paulo Coelho once famously said, "when you want something, all the Universe conspires to help you achieve it."


Coaching found me.


Since earning my initial ICF graduate credential from Duquesne University in 2016, I’ve accumulated ~ 1700 hours of life, career, and executive coaching of leaders at top global social media, financial, tech and other companies, with additional experience in LGBTQ coaching (check out client endorsements and as featured in for some of my work). And for all that brought someone to coaching initially, I began to see patterns in what people realized they really needed underneath it all. I call these patterns the Essential 6.


No matter where in the world you’re connecting from, my commitment to you is to hold space, to be present, and to challenge you to become a better human by applying the Essential 6 to your life.


I look forward to helping you LIVE YOUR SOMEDAY TODAY®

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